February 22, 2010

Inauguration of Students Association of Riau Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta – Students' spirit and hope to participate in developing their hometown and country were clearly apparent in the Inauguration Ceremony of the 2010/2011 Staff of Yogyakarta's Riau Student Organization (Ikatan Pelajar Riau Yogyakarta/IPR-Y) Subdivision Kuantan Singingi. The occasion was held modestly in Puri Dwipari Building, Taman Siswa, Yogyakarta on Saturday (2/20) night. Adopting the theme “Revitalizing the Spirit of Togetherness to Develop Kuantan Singingi”, the students seemed to want to remind their friends as well as regional government to keep and further work on good relationship and cooperation.

Inauguration of Students Association of Riau Yogyakarta
The elected boards swear oath of office, led by the Vice Regent of Kuantan Singingi, Dr. H. Mursini M.Si

After some minutes behind schedule, the occasion was finally begun at 8 p.m. with a performance of traditional dance followed by Malay`s betel leaf chewing tradition. Aside from the students, the ceremony was also attended by Vice-Regent of Kuantan Singingi, Dr. H. Mursini M.Si. and his party, and Drs. Azwardi M.Si., consultant of the organization. Afterward, the inauguration was carried out with the elected staff swearing oath of office led by the Vice-Regent.

The head, former head, and advisor board of the organization were later on given time to deliver their speeches. It was in this occasion that they criticized the government about some matters, including moral and material supports for the students living abroad that still need some improvements. “We really hope that our dormitory building in Yogya could be permanent,” said Firman Syarif, the former head who was just succeeded by Yuka Pranata.

Meanwhile, Azwardi suggested that the government should “give more opportunities to the students to have an apprenticeship experience in government bodies so that they will know how to develop their hometown.”

Mursini, as government`s representative, yet stayed calm. He even has high expectation on the boards and students.

“Our history has proven that it is always young people on the frontline. It is they who determine how their hometown and country will become in the future. Therefore, I will always be expecting your constructive criticisms,” the vice-regent said in his speech. Next in the ceremony were souvenir giving and closing prayer.

Students from Kuantan Singingi Regency who studies in Yogyakarta currently add up to hundreds of people (approximately 350-500). Having such a large number, such an organization is indeed needed. Not only is it for keeping in touch with each other, the Riau Student Organization Subdivision Kuantan Singingi is important especially as a place to accommodate its members` creativity as well as a communication forum for students and government.

Source of Photo: Collection of www.MelayuOnline.com (Photographer: Reza Daffi)

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