March 01, 2010

Pacu Jalur (Kuantan Long Boat Racing): ceremonial traditions and sport

Pacu Jalur is one of the festival in Riau Province - Sumatera Island belong to Kuantanese, one of Malay sub-ethnic in Kuantan Singingi District. Some people say, Pacu Jalur similar with Tourism Events Dragon Boat Paddle. That's wrong. If you like, maybe yes. Because Runway Line has its own unique characteristic. Starting from how to make, looking for a big tree to the boat, making up to the scratch race. This is the appeal of the traditional tourist event in Kuantan Singingi worldwide. Each line was held Runway, there certainly participants from abroad who participated. Following exposure of the Runway Line, starting from the origin, making up the race ordinances.

Traditional Paddle Sports

History of Kuantan long boat racing
Kuantan Singingi is an administrative area which includes the Riau Province. The region has many rivers. Such geographical conditions, in turn, makes most people need a big boat as a means of transportation. Then came a big boats that were carved beautifully, like a carved head of a snake, crocodile, or a tiger, both in the stomach or her Violet. In addition, coupled with an umbrella gear, ropes, scarves, middle pillar (gulang-gulang) and waving (where the helmsman stood). These changes marked the development of a large boat to function not just transportation, but also demonstrate social identity. Therefore, only the ruler area, nobles, and the progenitors are driving a big boat was decorated. Further development (approximately 100 years later), a large boat is not merely a means of transportation and a symbol of social status, but played off the speed through a race. And, the race for local people referred as "Pacu Jalur".

Traditional Paddle Sports

In the first race track was held in the villages along the Kuantan River to commemorate the great days of Islam, such as the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, Eid or New Year 1 Muharam. When that every race is not always followed by gift giving. That is, there are villages that provide gifts and some do not provide it. Contest prizes are not providing end with the meal. The type of food is a local traditional food, such as: konji, godok, lopek, paniaran, lida goats, and fruit doll. Meanwhile, a competition with prizes, organizers must provide the marewa2 four different sizes. Juara I get a big size and IV champions get the smallest size. However, today no longer presents a Marewa but of livestock (cattle, buffalo, or goat).

When the Dutch began to enter the area of Riau (ca. 1905), precisely in the area that is now the Bay City Kuantan, they use race track in celebrating the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina of the falls on every August 31. As a result, race track is no longer celebrated on the feast days of Muslims. Teluk Kuantan residents even consider each anniversary celebrations of Queen Wilhelmina as the arrival of the new year. Therefore, until now there is something called the activity as a pacemaker implanted tambaru point. Pacemaker activity had stopped on the track during the Japanese occupation. However, at the time of independence re-implanted lines are routinely held to commemorate the anniversary of independence of the Republic of Indonesia (17 - Agustusan).

The paddlers, paddle and paddling
Race track only done by men aged between 15 - 40 years in a team. Each team numbered between 40 to 60 people (depending on the size of the boat). Members of a race track called the children, consisting of: a carpenter, a concang (commander, giving the signal), carpenter belt (helmsman), artisans onjai (poster rhythm on the steering wheel with the way the body shaking) and builders of dance onjai help builders provide a balanced pressure to berjungkat-tipping point in a regular and rhythmic. Besides players, the race track there is also a referee and judge who oversees the course of the race and determine the winner.

Pacu Jalur: competition in the water
Since Kuantan Malay is a river-based culture, the Kuantan River is like an artery that runs through our hometown, it’d only make sense that we’d have competition in the water as part of our sporting events, which is called Long Boat Racing, or Pacu Jalur, just as land-based cultures race horses or cars, Kuantan race Long boats.

Kuantan River flows from Singkarak Lake in West Sumatera into Berhala strait in the eastern of Sumatera island. Kuantan region has several ancient villages called nagori, from Empat Koto di Mudik in the upstream to Cerenti in downstream. Each Nagori conduct pacu jalur as the festival of the locality. The main Long Boat-Racing Festival is arranged every year to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day(about 3rd week of August)at Tepian Narosa in Teluk Kuantan City. The race arena shaped to follow the flow of Batang Kuantan River, with a path length of about 1 km are marked by three stake.

Traditional Paddle Sports

Tools Games Pacu Jalur
Game equipment in the runway path, of course, is a path made of wood intact, without split-split, cut or dialed-number. Path length between 25 to 30 meters, with a wide central hall 11.25 meters. Line sections consist of: (1) Luan (bow); (2) talingo (ears forward); (3) panggar (seats); (4) pornik (stomach); (5) Timbo space (where to draw water ); (6) talingo back; (7) kamudi (the driver); (8) lambai-lambai/selembayung (grip determined onjor); (9) pandaro (seed point); (10) snakes (pedayung seats ); (11) Violet (the end of the carved lines) and (13) panimbo (bucket of water). Line also equipped with a paddle for each player.

Violet and the edge part body is usually carved lines and colors were vibrant. Various motives such as tendrils, geometric, wave, bad and even airplanes. Each track has a name like: Naga Sakti, Gajah Tunggal, Rawang Udang, Kompe Berangin, Bomber, Pelita, Orde Baru, Raja Kinantan, Kibasan Nago Liar, Singa Kuantan Sungai Pinang, Dayung Serentak, Keramat Jati, Panggogar Alam, Tuah di Kampuang Godang di Rantau, Ratu Dewa and others. The aim of carving, coloring and giving a name to each of these pathways is to be able to "be different" from others.

To be able to make a great boat for the race that usually represents the village, subdistrict or district, must go through a long process and involves many people. As a process, of course it is a gradual path and sustainable. The following are the stages that must be done in making a "Jalur" by a person called a path Kuantan Singingi.

The first thing is to plan the path for it through consultation or rapek village which was attended by various elements such as traditional leaders, intellectuals, and young mothers. These meetings are usually led by a village leader or traditional leaders. When agreement has been reached, then the next activity is to select the type of wood. Search tree is banio or Kulim kuyiang length between 25 to 30 feet with diameters of between 1 ½ - 2 meters. Both these tree species in addition to a strong, waterproof, is also believed to have "spirits". After the tree is determined eligible, then the cutting was done. However, before such a ceremony held offerings to the "watchman" for the tree that tree did not magically disappear.

Wood that has disemah by mahouts, then cut down with axes and pickaxe. After that, wood diabung (cut) end of a particular measure in accordance with the length of the path will be made. After diabung both ends, then peeled wood and carved on the bow, ears, and stomach. If the path is established, then the next step is to flatten the front (pendadan), which is part of the wood that extends from the base to the tip. Followed by phase mencaruk or perforated and smoothed the inside of timber with a certain thickness.

Next menggaliak or reverse and invert again channels to be formed and refined. This job requires careful calculation for the thickness must always keep the track in order to balance while in the water. How to measure for example by making holes or drill kakok then covered again with a kind of pegs. Once formed, then reversed again and the path followed by the last process of making the bow and the steering wheel. When the bow and the steering has been established, then the path will be taken to the village to be smoked and is accompanied by ceremonies "Maelo Jaluar". Before the line was launched into the river, there was a longer ceremony that aims to track can be sailed very well when it was in the water.

Pacu Jalur Game Rules
Race track can be divided into several levels, namely: (1) implanted between banjar or village; (2) implanted between villages or urban villages, and (3) inter-district race in the region Kuantan Singingi. Rules in all three levels of racing competition is relatively easy path, which path the team can reach the finish line first from another team, declared the winner. Match racing track is usually done with two systems, namely: competition and half-fall system to determine the winner of the first through fourth and ten great.

The Rule Pacu Jalur
The race, both among the village, between villages, and inter-district, beginning with the cannon sounds. Cannon used because when using the whistle will not be heard by the participants of the race, given the vast arena of race and the many spectators who witnessed the race. On the first bang of the pathways have been defined order may fall in line at the starting line with each team member has been in the path. In the second booms, they will be in a position ready (just in case) for rowing oars. And, after the referee sounds the cannon for a while time, then each team will rush to row through the predetermined trajectory. For the record, the size and capacity of lines and number of children pacunya (participants) in this race is not at issue, because it was thought that the decisive victory of a more determined path of magical powers that have made the wooden power Jalur and the power of the charmer in "control" Jalur.

In a match point, when applying the system fall, then participants should not be losers play again. While the winners will be pitted again to get the main winners. However, when using half the system of competition, each team will play several times and eventually the team that always wins until the last race will be a champion.

Cultutal Values of Pacu Jalur
Cultural values contained in the Pacu Jalur path is: hard work, agility, resilience, teamwork and sportsmanship. The value of hard work reflected the spirit of the players who tried to track its path can precede the other team. Agility and toughness values reflected in the techniques used by members of a team in the running track to be moving quickly and did not drown. The value of cooperation is reflected from the team members together to control the line in order to drive fast and win races. Value sportsmanship is reflected not only from the attitude of the players who do not cheat during the game duration, but also willing to accept defeat gracefully.

1.Jalur: is a boat in the early 17th century used as primary transportation villagers in Rantau Kuantan which is along the Batang Kuantan River (between the Upper Subdistrict Kuantan in the upstream and downstream Cerenti District). When it was undeveloped land transportation, so the path is an important transportation tool for the villagers, especially for transporting crops, like bananas and sugar cane. In addition, also for transporting people (about 40 people).

2 Marewa: is the flag of colorful cloth that triangular-shaped and the edges of lace.

Source: Pacu Jalur di Kuantan Singingi

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