March 10, 2009

Teachers Go Changes

we remember the history of the world where at the time of World War II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bomb by partners, be the first step the government of Japan, re-record the number of teachers and doctors who left. They began to build the country porak-poranda from education and health. The result is stunning. After about 20 years, with the hard work that no tired, Japan mempu mensejajarkan countries with developed countries, other. Was born a new strength in Asia at that time. For education in Asia, Japan, as well as best country, in addition to India, South Korea and Singapore.

Acts that bring us real, how big the role of teachers in building a nation. Ironically, in our beloved country, the teaching profession and the role of teachers, less calculated. Even tend to be. During the New Order regime even the teaching profession synonymous with poverty, and ketidakberdayaan, community groups that hold hungry, and always cicerca and adored. The teaching profession does not boast.

Teacher input is a fugitive from the children of the poor that is not street, because life is far from just a family, so that their children entered school teachers. Portrait Oemar Bakri as a song in dikiaskan Iwan Fals is far from reasonable. In that time, groups of teachers not more than just a tool of political regime in power. Teachers no more than a tool of political regime in power. To anesthetize the group, the regimes in power at that time, confer the title of "Hero Without Signature Services" in the temple of a song.

The image of the teacher that in itself until now, I think, is not a figure berdasi, intellectual ingenious set up in the future, but just as workers vote sellers who work kesehariannya leave home dawn night, but dry financially. Practical, the image of teachers in such a way teredusir behind the greatness of the buoyant expectations. Problem: how can we build our own image as a teacher, role and professionalism that we met?
Law No. 14 is disyahkan and at this time, the higher the appreciation of the teachers, the Government seriously trying to supply teachers, the mass media proclaim more incentive on the performance of teachers. In terms of economic capability, teachers are no longer seen as just a job that does not come to the attention of people. Morning and evening to go home income from hand to mouth (P4).
What about our own education as the main actor, of education, control of education, child Pencerdas nation, the law lecturer and teacher called professional staff. Same with the doctors, Attorneys and others?
Many critical statements we hear often, we see, and we read concerning the existence, competence, and performance as our professional staff is still concern.
The fact of low competence, work ethics, and performance of teachers, as expressed by Fasli Djalal, improving the quality of teachers and staff's almost half of the approximately 2.7 million teachers in India is not taught in the schools. 75,648 of them high school teachers. The statement was submitted in connection with the professional discourse of teachers and teacher competent as a condition to obtain the benefits the teaching profession and improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

Statement that refers to the lack of competence and ethics of the teachers also have been disclosed by the minister of education at that time Wardiman Djoyonegoro in an interview in the TPI on 16 August. In the interview he revealed that only 43 percent of teachers who are eligible, meaning the majority of teachers (57 percent) are not eligible or not, is not competent, and not to perform professional duties. Pantaslah if the quality of our education away from the expectations and needs of the workplace.
by Isjoni

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Aku susah kalau baca inggris kayak gini...hik hik...

Dexter said...

wah lumayan buat koleksi

Exiost ByTe said...

seorang guru.. memang harus membuat perubahan... tentu ke yg lebih baik...
maka mutu seorang guru juga harus di utamakan, klu guru melarat dan pendidikannya asal-asalan, hancurlah bangsa ini...

dhiyah said...

Pendidikan DI Indonesia saat ini sudah mengarah ke arah yang lebih baik. namun tidak telepas dari peran siswa yang mempunyai kemauan untuk maju dan berkembang selain guru yang harus bisa menjawab tantangan gombal lisasi eeeh maaaf Globalisasi

Anonymous said...

Bagaimana Pendapat Anda?

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